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Pantone is offering you free access to our collection of fascinating color articles. Become a member of myPANTONE today and find out where on earth you can find the island of the colorblind? What breed of chameleon changes color according to their mood? What has been worn taut and dry by James Dean, tight and wet by Bo Derek? How does Starbucks coffee make you feel? Why UPS might ask, "what can brown do for you?" and much more.

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myPANTONE is your free account, which allows you to become eligible for future Pantone discounts, giveaways and contests. Your free membership also includes live industry news and instant access to your "myPANTONE" account information. If you're already a member, just log on. Good luck and have fun!

Before & After is a concise, information-packed magazine featuring articles on color, page layout, typography, logo design and more. Before & After is unlike anything we at Pantone have ever seen and addresses what we believe is the biggest void in our industry -- valuable information and inspiration that can help you in your work every day to produce better looking results. Don't miss out on this free offer. Register today and download your complimentary issue.

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Pantone Inspires Designers with 84 Vivid New Shades and Limited-edition Artist Covers
Pantone Inspires Designers with 84 Vivid New Shades and Limited-edition Artist Covers CARLSTADT, N.J., Mar. 11, 2014 – Panto...
Asda Becomes First Retailer to Implement PantoneLIVE
Asda Becomes First Retailer to Implement PantoneLIVE Leading retailer to adopt cloud-based service for consistent color throughout its pa...
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